For us, yoga is?

A few days ago, we asked ourselves this question: for us, yoga is?
As a result, the memory of yoga is awakened step by step.

We have struggled on the yoga mat, felt selfless, cried on the mat for no reason, and experienced the joy from nowhere after practicing.

We say yoga is a way of life, life itself. It not only occurs on the mat but also continues in the food, clothing, housing, and transportation; follow the healthy life advocated by yoga and develop a philosophy of dealing with things: balance of body and mind, relaxation and degree. Look at things with a soft and compassionate heart, while not losing strength and advocacy.

Our subtle physical and mental experience in every yoga practice has the wisdom of our predecessors. Little by little, let's find focus, balance, let go and accept.

Yoga is love. When the experience world to the window is open, the connection between people becomes easier, and we can quickly identify friends and lovers of the same frequency. Love, become the energy that can flow naturally.

Yoga is a power of stability, a home, an anchor, and a light in the heart. It's a powerful belief that doesn't depend on others but comes from within us. We don't need anything to "give" us courage, peace, love, joy Because yoga makes you realize that they are in your heart.

We say that each practitioner's cognition of yoga is different.
So for you, yoga is?

Are you ready for this self-talk?

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