Five essential steps to meditation for beginners

Whether you often feel anxious nervous, palpitation fidgety, always can not help but be angry, when studying and working, always calm down, efficiency is very low. If you are in this state, try to meditate for a little bit every day. After a month, you will see a big difference. There was no longer a constant sense of anger; Focus on work and study is stronger

So how does meditation work? Today we have summarized the five steps of meditation for beginners to help you learn to meditate easily and easily.

1. Choose a suitable environment for meditation: living room, study, teahouse can, in principle is not disturbed, quiet and comfortable environment can do not recommend meditation in the bed in the bedroom, it is very easy to fall asleep.

2. Adopt good posture: Sit cross-legged or cross-legged on a chair. You can also stand. If possible, sit cross-legged and meditate. Hips and legs lose and heavy, waist and back stretch. Put a cushion under your hips to stabilize your posture, and cover your body with a blanket.

3. Meditation time: beginners can meditate every morning or evening, 5-20 minutes each time, not too long. Set an alarm clock, or listen to a meditation-led audio practice (there is plenty of meditation audio in our 24-hour in-flight meditation room, which you can check out by clicking on the music below to follow the practice).

4. The most important step, meditation to do: meditation, is to let us all read to a read, a read to no read. We have a lot of delusions, but we can gradually train ourselves to be mindful and not distracted by observing our breath. So, in practice, we just need to know the information, know the temperature of the information, and know the length of the information. When you realize you're distracted again, bring yourself back to your breath. Just practice like this.

5. What do you do at the end? In the end, we can fully massage the whole body, which is very important and will bring a lot of benefits to our body. Don't be in a rush to finish. Stay active for a while. Alternatively, drink a glass of warm water.


When meditating, the body will have acerbity hemp to swell painful itch, can appear all sorts of emotional reaction, faint, delusional overmuch... These are normal phenomena, don't worry about them, just keep practicing.

Meditation will bring us the body level of qi and blood smooth, and will effectively improve our negative emotions, wish we can say goodbye to anxiety and internal consumption through meditation, and find focus, quiet, happy!

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