Express Your Anger Healthily

Before you begin meditation, keep a piece of paper and pen handy. In your preferred sitting position, close your eyes, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth, inhale through your nose, breathe through your abdomen, and focus on your breath. When you're fully focused and your body is relaxed, create a situation in your mind where you can express your anger to someone else. It can be current, it can be passed, it can be as long as you feel a little bit of anger has gone away or you still feel anger.

Go through the reasons why you are angry in your mind: Did your friend hurt you? Feel shunned or abandoned? Is personal space or personal value violated? Make your inner feelings as concrete as possible and write them down. Write down what the other person did, said, or did that made you angry. Given this situation, what do you need to do to improve it, don't care if it meets the requirements, just write it down? Close your eyes and imagine that this person is sitting across the table, willing to listen to what you have to say, and free to express your feelings. Start by telling your offender what specific behavior upset you, using "I." This allows you to take emotional responsibility for yourself, for example, "I'm furious that you were 40 minutes late to our 9 o 'clock appointment." "I'm so disappointed that I lost my temper." "I can't hold my head up because you had to talk to my friend like that." Communication in meditation should be simple and clear. Imagine that the other person is listening and accepting of what you are saying, and focus on your own feelings and emotions as you speak. Ask the other person to meet one specific request of their own. For example, "If you would listen to me a little longer, without being judgmental, I would definitely listen to you." Then ask if he can do it, and if not, try to negotiate. Turn your attention back to yourself, let the other person disappear, pay attention to your breathing, and notice any emotional changes that occur during this mental exercise. To prepare, open your eyes and take a few clean breaths, then take a minute to adjust.

Express your anger in a healthy way by meditating continuously for 10-15 minutes, depending on the situation.

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