Everything in the Universe is Full of Goodwill

We always complain about the injustice of fate, the inequality of opportunity, and the impermanence of nature. We often feel that we have suffered too much in the past life. But in fact, the reason why we become who we are today is not the accumulation of everything in the past. If we look at everything from another Angle, we will find that everything in the universe we live in is a manifestation of goodwill.

There are regrets and imperfections in life that we often can't let go of. We regret and grieve, never thinking that we could look at those memories in a more, higher, more loving way. You know, all the things we go through, help us become who we are, they make us grow. Although some painful experiences can be difficult to face, if we can see life as a whole rather than as a series of separate events, we can view the past on a higher level and become aware of the goodness of the universe.

When we look at a person as a bystander, we tend to have a detached attitude, standing above the totality of life, and thus seeing the real side. We have the power to do the same with ourselves. We may consciously or unconsciously resist or feel reluctant to devote our time to such things, but if we can look at our lives in this way, we will find that the universe has a great gift waiting for us, and we will gain a broader perspective, free from the constraints of our minds, free from our emotions, All of these can help us see our lives positively.

The world we live in, with natural disasters, political murders, wars, and conflicts, may not seem like a good world, but that doesn't mean much. The negative emotions generated by the human mind spread all over the world, forming an ideological system composed of fear and pessimism. We pay more attention to fear-inducing messages, and fear becomes more persuasive than hope. However, we can use peace and love to keep ourselves focused and contribute optimism and hope to people's emotional climate and belief systems. We can spread the goodwill of the universe, spread new messages of hope and optimism, and spread to others the idea that anyone can experience growth in a positive way.

Our perception of the world determines our environment. Once we hold onto something, we live by it. Some of our ideas, which seem to be correct, are actually wrong. Many people who believe that the pursuit of what is outside is more important than what is inside, who believe that the world's resources are scarce, that there is not enough for all, and therefore must be obtained through competition and power struggles, seem prepared to deal with the troubles and disasters that the universe throws at them. Because of this, they will live in what they believe to be an environment of pain and struggle until they realize the goodness of the universe.

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