Equipment to Help with Yoga
One good thing about yoga is that it can be practiced almost anywhere, without all those yoga equipment, and by all people of all ages.

When doing yoga it is best to wear loose and comfortable clothing. Yoga is traditionally done and practiced barefoot, but if this does not suit you, you can just wear socks or soft shoes.

It is also best to practice yoga on an empty stomach. Empty your stomach, clean your nostril and throat and consume a glass of warm water 15 minutes before you start.

It's a good idea to consume a light snack such as an energy bar, a piece of fruit along a glass of water an hour before class to avoid getting hungry or dehydrated during yoga sessions.

As I mentioned earlier, you don’t need anything hi-tech or fancy in order to start practicing yoga. All you really need is the desire and a good attitude to get started. But this doesn't completely eliminate the need for some yoga equipment, especially if helps you do your postures properly.

Most yoga equipment is built to help you achieve proper alignment, balance as well as make the pose a little bit easier to do, especially for beginners.

- It also lessens the stress and strain on your body from doing certain yoga positions.

- It helps support your muscles and protects you from injury.

- It helps save energy by exerting less effort on a pose.

Let's go over some of the more basic types of yoga equipment:

- Proper Clothes
While opinions vary when it comes to the proper yoga attire ultimately the choice is up to you, however, it's a good idea not to wear tight-fitting clothes. Loose-fitting, comfortable, and easy to move the clothing will make your experience much more enjoyable.

- Mats
A good yoga mat provides cushioning on a hard floor, this is especially needed if your yoga studio floor is made up of cement or hardwood floor, it can also provide traction for your hand and feet thus preventing you from slipping or sliding on the wrong position when you're doing your postures.

- Towel
There are special towels that are made for yoga. You may find super-absorbent towels that will be quite helpful if you sweat. You may also buy a skid-less towel that you can use on your mat to help absorb sweat.

- A Bag
If you buy a lot of yoga accessories you may want to buy a special bag to carry them. They look like duffel bags and are often made of nylon.

- Bolsters
They provide support for your spine, abdomen, and legs in a number of different poses. Yoga bolsters can help you achieve better results overall.

- Blocks
Like blankets, blocks are props that help you make yourself more comfortable and improve your alignment. Blocks are great for standing poses in which your hands don't reach the floor.

- Wedges
These can be used in many different ways to add support and length for many different postures, especially under your heels, tail bone, or knees when practicing forward-bending poses to make it easier to place your hands flat on the floor without compromising correct form and posture.

- Yoga Ball
They help you learn balance, build your strength, tone your muscles, and make it comfortable for people with injuries to exercise. These balls provide extra support as you stretch, are good for working out the
back and hips, and can also be used during pregnancy. You'll need an
air pump if you get one of these.

- Blankets
They can help you feel relaxed and comfortable which is essential in the practice of yoga. Not only do they help keep the shell off, but the folded blankets can also be used as props or to sit and lie on during class.

- Yoga Straps
These are most commonly made out of cotton or nylon and allow you to grasp body parts that you cannot reach effectively. They also give you added flexibility and help you hold your poses a little bit longer. They are particularly useful for bound poses if your hands do not reach each other, and for poses where you need to hold onto your feet but cannot reach them.

- Yoga Kits
For beginning yoga enthusiasts a yoga kit may be the solution to all of their problems. A basic yoga kit contains everything you need to get started practicing the art of yoga right away. A good kit can help you avoid confusion and the extra expense often spent on individual and unnecessary items.

For the most part yoga equipment is made to provide support to help you feel relaxed and move deeper into the poses. While it may not be wider at times it can be very helpful.

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