Many people love the part of "meditation" in yoga and think that meditation can bring some qualitative changes to their inner world. However, meditation needs a quiet environment. Apart from professional yoga classes, many people feel that they can't practice meditation anywhere else.

In fact, when you are in the complex work, family trivial, all kinds of social responsibility and pressure, it is very necessary to create a peaceful meditation space for yourself at home. Otherwise, you need to make time to go to the yoga room, which creates extra time pressure for busy people.

Studies have shown that meditation practice has numerous benefits, such as relieving stress, relieving anxiety, relieving pain, improving concentration and cardiovascular health.
If you're looking for ways to get started with meditation and need to practice frequently, it's helpful to create a special meditation area at home. Here are six simple tips for creating a comfortable meditation space at home.

1. Select a suitable location
Lock in the quiet area of your home, where you can completely relax and concentrate without being distracted by too much noise.
It could be a guest room, or a comfortable corner of the living room, or even an undisturbed place in the backyard.

2. Decorate your space
Meditation teachers suggest that your meditation space be a private sanctuary with collections and decorations to create an overall relaxed atmosphere.
The following items can make your exclusive space more comfortable and help you get into the right mode of thinking:
· A cushion, cushion, or pillow
· A fluffy carpet
· A soft blanket
· Soothing fragrance
· Soft or dimmable lighting
· Anything else that can relax your mind enough

3. Set a comfortable temperature
Moore Tucker suggests that the temperature of the meditation space should be actively considered. Too cold or too hot can be distracting. Choose a quiet fan to keep cool, or use a heater to make the temperature comfortable.

4. Arrange pleasant plants
Green plants will not only invite nature to your room but also help to purify the air. You can try to put colorful orchids, tiger tail orchids, and any other plants you like.

5. Keep the house clean and tidy
Moore Tucker said: "for those who can practice persistently, a meditation space is needed to cultivate a sense of being, stillness, and consciousness in a clean environment."
Chaos is the greatest enemy of relaxation and tranquility. Tidying up your room can relieve stress and make it easier for you to feel healthy and happy. A clean and orderly house can make people focus on breathing itself, which is obviously more conducive to meditation practice.

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