Cosmic Meditation - Embrace your true self

Nowadays more and more people are used to wearing a mask of life, in the face of different people to say different things, do not the same as their own. We are not used to showing our true thoughts to others, or even to facing them ourselves, especially if they are bad or unkind. But eventually, the "evil" thoughts that we deliberately ignore and hide can become our demons and make us feel scared and miserable. So we can't fool ourselves that even thoughts that deviate from our moral compass are part of us, and we have to face them. Cosmic meditation is a process that allows you to be quiet, explore yourself, examine yourself, discover your flaws, and look inside yourself.

Take a deep breath, relax your body, keep your eyes open or closed as you like, and notice how your body changes, and how it feels as you inhale and exhale, and based on that awareness, experience what you've just experienced as an observer. At the same time pay attention to the various thoughts in the depths of your consciousness, but do not comment on them, do not be affected by them, simply observe, like reading a story or watching a movie, and be an outsider. Let the past and the feelings pass through your eyes like lanterns, with the likes and dislikes that arise from them. You don't need to pay any attention to them, but let them play out, surface or fade, and finally disappear.

And then set the time in the present moment, which has nothing to do with the past or the future, nor with any other moment, only the present moment, and you don't have to think about the past, you don't have to plan for the future, you don't have to associate with anything, just follow the present moment, which is nothing, which is nothing. Now, begin to experience the gaps between thoughts that are outside of your consciousness, and feel the difference between the space itself and what it contains. Take a simple example, for example, if you are thinking "I am breathing life-sustaining oxygen," then examine how you felt before and after the thought. Perhaps you will find some calming joy, some potential power, and a blank space that you can use at will.

Then perceive the nature of the space, its quietness, its stability, its vastness, its emptiness, which you can always rely on, because it can contain any thoughts and ideas, and will not be replaced or affected by those things. You do not need to define this space, because the definition itself is an objective existence outside of consciousness, but also an idea that can be contained by it. What you have to do is to perceive its existence and experience the infinite energy it reveals to you.

In the final meditation time, you can explore the other properties of the space at will, of course, just as before, simply feeling, without commenting, without generalizing its properties. You can see whether the space itself is radiant, whether it contains some emotion, or whether the various objects of consciousness that flash through it can have any effect on it.

Cosmic meditation can help you focus on your inner world, explore your weaknesses and strengths, and then combine them with sweet meditation to transform them into feelings that make you happy. You will no longer be tortured by your "bad intentions," you will shed your mask, embrace your true self, and enjoy the feeling of experiencing good things.

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