Classification of Tiger's Eye Stone
Tiger's eye stone and cat's eye stone have obvious and unique characteristics. Each tiger's eye is emitting a stern light, like a stern eye, more like a mysterious boundary. Different angles, the eye of the tiger eye are different. The difference between the tiger eye and cat-eye is that the color of tiger eye is more powerful and gorgeous. It can be divided into four types by color:
1. Brown tiger eye stone
2. Blue Tiger Eye Stone
3. Red tiger eye stone
4. Polychromatic tiger eye stone

Maintenance Method
1. Don't wear tiger eye stone when doing some sports. This is because tiger eye stone is more afraid of collision. Therefore, we must be careful in the process of wearing it. Do not put the tiger eye stone on the table or anywhere, which may cause the phenomenon of tiger eye stone falling down. When cleaning, you should also take off the tiger eye stone as far as possible, which is helpful to the protection of tiger eye stone Raise.
2. Tiger's eye stone can't contact with some strong acid and alkali substances. Cosmetics, cleaning products, etc. are the most common ones. When bathing, try not to wear a tiger's eye stone. In addition to contacting some chemical substances such as soap and bath milk, the temperature and steam of hot water may make it's surface not smooth.

Gemstone Meanings
A stone of protection, Tiger Eye brings good luck to the wearer. It has the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, assisting us to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions, dispel fear, and anxiety.

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