One of the most beautiful things about the practice of Yoga is that there are so many layers to explore. It truly is for everybody. Even yogis that have been practicing for years continue to learn and grow because our practice shifts with the ebb and flows of our lives! It’s exciting. It’s nourishing.

If you maintain a consistent practice, both your physical body and mental awareness will strengthen. Please remember: be kind to yourself if/when it feels like you've “fallen behind” or “can’t” do something anymore, and trust that it’s just temporary, and all part of the journey. When we can learn to embrace where we are at in the present moment, we set ourselves free of doubt, fear, and anxiety, and we are left with gratitude for this beautiful life that is ours to create and enjoy.

The following is a list of my top 3 suggestions for embracing your practice in 2022 - whether you are new to the practice or not!

1. Attend workshops, try new studios, and go on a retreat!
Treat yo self. Give yourself the opportunity to learn something new, meet new people, and challenge yourself in an atmosphere that may be outside of your comfort zone. It’s easy to get into a routine of how we practice, where we practice, and what we practice. Instead, choose to switch it up!

Yes we may have some favorite teachers, and yes we may prefer a vinyasa over a Hatha practice, but start getting curious! Try a new class, or new teacher, attend a workshop, get involved (volunteer), or even go on a retreat. We are all each other's teachers and mirrors, and so one of the best ways to grow is to learn from one another.

2. Awareness of thoughts: meditation practice
Embracing the stillness that comes with meditation is not easy, but then again … what sort of good comes out of “easy”?

This may be one of the most challenging things in the Yoga practice because slowing down, being still, and paying attention to our thoughts is not something we schedule very often. What if we pencil in time every day to slow down? Even if it’s just 5 minutes - making time to just be with yourself, your breath, and settling your thoughts is a beautiful way to recharge.

My Malas are one of my favorite tools. I start by finding a comfortable seat, closing my eyes holding my Mala, and thinking about an intention I’d like to embrace. I ask myself: what sort of energy do I want to cultivate today? Most of the time I try to put it into one word and that word then becomes a mantra or repetitive phrase that I repeat in my mind as I move my pointer finger and thumb from one bead to the next. Examples: “I am love”, “I am strong”, and “I am grounded”. I find that when my mind is focused on a single phrase, I’m truly committed to embracing the mantra and energy that I’d like to invite into my day.

Give it a try yogis!

3. Explore new ways of grounding/self-love rituals:
Crystals are a part of the earth and universe. It’s amazing how this planet can create such beautiful pieces! Just like every other organic element on this planet, crystals hold on to energy. The energy a crystal holds could be dependent on where it was found, and how old it is, but ultimately how it makes you feel when you’re in contact with it.

The chakra healing kit by OasyMala is a tool I love to use during my self-love rituals. It really helps me to get clear with my intentions, support my unfolding of thoughts, and get grounded on where I am at that moment.

If you’ve got any intentions for 2022, let one of them be to expand your yoga practice by cracking open deeper layers of yourself that you’ve yet to explore! Invite a new sense of calm into your life, and trust that you’re always growing and that your potential is endless!

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