Be Comfortable with Your Worst Self

A lot of times, many of us have a sudden overwhelming feeling of "I hate the way I used to be." At that time, I was very pompous and anxious, and my words were very light.

You may not know the bottom line of bad, what the worst state is, but there must be a self that you do not want to recall, do not want to face. The bad self you put in the corner will burst out when you are under pressure and push you into a situation you don't want to face.

No one likes the bad version of themselves, so it's imperative to change yourself. This group of self-facing meditation exercises also used a seated position, sitting on a chair or cushion, and placing an empty chair or cushion across from them before entering meditation. After sitting down, close your eyes and remember your bad self and the bad situation. You don't need to be embarrassed or afraid. Facing up to it is the first step of meditation. No matter how difficult the situation is, be brave enough to analyze yourself.

When recalling the situation, don't criticize anyone or anything, or your emotions will roll away and you won't be able to focus.

In the face of this problem, our solution is not to escape, not dodge, but to accept ourselves, no bottom line, unconditional acceptance. Then, open your eyes and picture your terrible self sitting in the chair across from you. Adjust your breathing, calm your mind, and silently say to yourself sitting on the opposite side: "You are also very hard." Next, put your head down, your left shoulder in your left hand, your left shoulder in your right hand, and wrap your bad self in your arms. No need to blame anyone, no need to complain about anything, just need to unconditionally accept yourself, admit your own bad, and have failed.

Some people get very emotional during this set of meditation exercises, others may break down in tears. Regardless of your emotional state, don't worry about the length of time, as long as you need to continue a little longer.

Unconditional acceptance of yourself is the key to this meditation. To accept yourself is a sign of growth, to accept the full self, to mature and strong, to treat their wounds, the previous pain will be transformed into power.

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