Be aware of your thoughts, rather than trying to stop them.

Have you ever tried to control your thoughts?
Have you ever controlled and stopped your thoughts?

Probably not.

The point of meditation is not to control your mind. There are no thoughts.

The key is to change the relationship between you and your thoughts so that they are not so obsessive and seductive.

People often feel bad about thinking when they are meditating, but what's really important is to notice that you're thinking, and then let those thoughts go.

This is often referred to as "being a witness".

You observe your thoughts and just notice them without blocking them or giving them too much attention.

Zen teacher Ro Suzuki said, "Keep your front and back doors open. Let your thoughts come and go as they please. Just don't pour the tea."

Let these thoughts come and go, just don't cling to them.

You will find that the more you do this, even in your daily life, your ideas will become less attractive. They will come and go, and they won't feel so convincing or true. You have more space between your thoughts, more silence, and a chance to question them as they come up instead of automatically believing them.

So let go of control, know that thoughts will come and go, and practice attaching less to them rather than having no thoughts at all.

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