An exercise for self-awareness
Without self-awareness, it’s easy to lose sight of all the wonderful things going on in your life, as the negative quickly overshadow the positive. What’s worse is a lack of self-awareness can trap you in a negative cycle that can be detrimental to your happiness and quality of life. Without a conscious effort to become more self-aware, that cycle will continue.

Today, we wanted to provide you with an exercise for self-awareness, to help you determine just how self-aware you truly are. Now, if you discover that you aren't s self-aware as you thought you were, that’s okay! However, it’s important to recognize that you deserve to treat yourself to some TLC self-love. Adding more meditation with Mala beads, and mindfulness into your lifestyle can help enhance your self-awareness to further improve your eternal happiness. So, if you're ready to get started, keep reading!

What is Self-Awareness?
Before we get into the exercise for self-awareness, you must first know what self-awareness is, so you can understand just how vital it is for your wellbeing. While it is rather abstract and can mean different things to different people, the good ole’ handy dictionary describes self-awareness as:

conscious knowledge of one's own character, feelings, motives, and desires.
"The process can be painful but it leads to greater self-awareness"
It’s about being aware of your emotions, goals, desires, aspirations, mood, positivity, negativity, strengths, weaknesses, passions… And the list goes on. It’s simply having knowledge about who you are and being able to evaluate every aspect of your being, in a non-judgmental way.

The Self-Awareness Exercise
Now, it’s time to see just how well you truly know yourself. This self-awareness activity covers various aspects of your being, including your personality, values, goals, and relationships. By taking this little self-interview, you will be able to see yourself in a new light, or rather, in a third person’s perspective, which will help you see the bigger picture moving forward.
For example, perhaps you’re going through a really tough breakup right now, a breakup that has totally taken over your awareness of other positive, happy things going on in your life. This self-awareness activity will bring forth clarity, positivity, and, of course, self-awareness, allowing you to see the situation in a new light.

How to take the self-awareness exercise?
The most important step to taking any exercise for self-awareness is to be as honest as possible. Take the time to truly think about each question before answering it, and if you can't answer it right away, simply skip over it and come back to the question at the end.

Your Personality
Choose three words to describe yourself
Is your personality similar to your parents?
Has your personality changed since you were a child? If so, how and why?
What quality/trait do you love the most about yourself?
What is your biggest strength?
What is your biggest weakness?
What is your biggest fear?
Name the biggest “what if” you have in your mind right now
Do you make your decisions based on intuition or logical analysis?
What stresses you out?
What relaxes you?
What makes you sad?
What makes you happy?
What makes you angry?
How often do you say what you mean or what’s truly on your mind?
How often do you mean what you say?
Are you transparent/easy to read?
Is transparency a good thing?
Are you emotional?
On a scale of 1-10, how considerate are you of others?
On a scale of 1-10, how considerate are you of yourself?

Your Values and Goals
What would your “ideal you” look like?
What is your biggest dream/goal?
What is in the way of you achieving your dream/goal?
What does it mean to you to achieve your dreams/goals?
Do you believe your dreams/goals are worth fighting for?
List the most important things in your life at this time (love, money, wellness, knowledge…)
How much time do you dedicate to each one of the things listed previously?
If there is something less-important that you spend more time on, what are the three goals you can commit to, to reprioritize your schedule?
If you could tell children, whether your own or someone else’s one life tip, what would it be and why?
What is your definition of success?
What type of worker are you?
Choose three words you think people would use to describe you
Do you think more about the past or the future?

Your Relationship
What does your “ideal” relationship look like?
Are you satisfied with your current relationship status?
Name one person you love or have loved the most.
What do or did you love most about them?
Describe the best moment you’ve ever had in a relationship.
Describe the most devastating moment you’ve had in a relationship.
If you only had 5 minutes left to live, who would you call and why?
What would you say to this person?

Now What?
After you have finished this self-awareness exercise, take some time to reflect on your answers. Do any of your answers surprise you? Sadden you? Make you angry? Bring forth bad memories? Reflect on the emotions you’re feeling and take your mind, body, and spirit on a journey towards self-discovery.
If you were able to answer these self-awareness questions quickly and easily, you are already exceptionally self-aware. Good for you!
If you had difficulty answering these self-awareness questions, your sense of self can certainly be improved, which can be done with meditation, yoga, Mala beads, journaling, mindfulness, and other forms of self-love and self-awareness throughout the day.

Self-awareness is about being aware of the good and the bad, but when practiced regularly, the positive will always take precedence over the negative. So, grab your Mala beads, turn on some deeply relaxing music, find a comfy spot, and be in the moment. Think about your answers, make goals to change them if you were to ask yourself the same questions 5 years from now. Your wellbeing, happiness, and mindfulness are in your hands – quite literally - with this self-awareness exercise. Take advantage of the opportunity to change the areas in your life, goals, personality, relationships, etc. that don’t make you happy or that don’t serve a positive purpose.

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