The evil eye is a common talisman to prevent jealousy in Turkey and its neighboring areas. In Turkey, evil eyes are often hung or painted on the walls and transportation vehicles of houses. Many people also wear necklaces and bracelets in the style of evil eyes. Because they are very common and special in shape, they are totems with local characteristics for tourists. Therefore, the evil eye in Turkey has become one of the symbols of Turkish culture.

The hand of Fatima - Muslims believe that this palm is the right hand of Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, and hence the name. The hand of Fatima has historically protected many communities and is traditionally believed to protect the eye of evil. Among Christians in Levantine (Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan), this amulet is called "the hand of Mary", which refers to the Virgin Mary of Jesus Christ; and Jews gradually began to use the symbol, called "Miriam's hand", which implied the sister of the prophet Moses.

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