There is an old legend among the Native Americans: "because of people's endless desire for material things, the earth is full of wastewater and waste residue, and the air is polluted with smoke. The rain that could have cleaned the earth has also brought toxins. Birds fall from the sky, fish turn over and float on the water surface, and the forest is dead.

Just then new dawn appeared in the world. Some loving people came into the world, red, white, yellow, and black. Like the seven colors of the rainbow, they unite together to educate people all over the world how to love and respect mother earth, and that we are a part of mother earth.

Under the banner of the rainbow, people of all races and faiths will unite to spread the idea that human beings should live in harmony with other creatures on earth. People with this awareness will become "Rainbow Warriors". Although they are called soldiers, they inherit the spirit of their ancestors. They have the brilliance of wisdom in their heads and the power of love in their hearts. They won't hurt any life. It is said that after a fierce struggle without the use of force, these Rainbow Warriors finally stopped the destruction and disintegration of the earth mother, and peace and wealth ruled the world for a long time, and the golden age of happiness and peace finally came to the world. "

"We don't have to separate, because we are one. We advance together regardless of color, class, or belief. We are united like the seven colors of the rainbow. All human beings are brothers and sisters. We must respect the earth we live on and respect all life in the universe. If humans make the right choice, indigenous people will lead the world into a new era of harmony with nature. "

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