9 Ways to Banish Negative Energy in the New Year

Start meditating
The first step to eliminating negative energy from your life is to start meditation. While meditation won't completely eliminate negative emotions, it won't let toxic people go (if any!). It will change the way your mind, body and spirit react to the situation.
Therefore, from 2022, meditate for five minutes a day. With mara beads in hand, relax and release any emotional stress and tension.

Stop comparing
Say no more." This is the year to stop comparing yourself to others. Comparisons will never do your psyche any good unless you do them in a constructive and positive way. Otherwise, comparisons will be left in the past!

Eliminate excuse
As the saying goes, "Everything you want is the flip side of an excuse." Everyone makes excuses - it's human nature. However, the more excuses you make, the less chance you have to win and grow. So, start eliminating your excuses. Write down your reasons for not doing something, whether it's an excuse for not meditating every day, or skipping that mini-goat yoga class you've always wanted to try. Then, by 2022, make it your mission to solve these problems. It's amazing what you can do when you stop making excuses for what you think you can't do.

Clean up the sundry
It's easy to mistake clutter for clutter. However, clutter in your life plays a direct role in your overall happiness. So take the time to clean out your closet, donate your old yoga gear, and throw out the shampoo and conditioner you "borrowed" from the hotel. If you clear your surroundings, your mind will improvise -- being clear is a huge leap towards a happier life.

Get rid of traditions that no longer fit you
Traditions are great -- until they aren't. Many people feel they have to do certain things, except "it's tradition". However, sticking to traditions that no longer fit you can feel like an unnecessary load of baggage. You know what's worse than canceling a tradition? Get involved in things that will only make you miserable. So, in addition to clearing out the clutter in your life, clear out the traditions you've been forcing yourself to do all these years -- and do it guilt-free.

Learn to forgive
"Forgive and forget," they say, but that's easier said than done. Forgiving someone is easy. It's one of the hardest things to do in life. When someone does you wrong, the last thing you want to do is bless them. However, the important thing is that you don't forgive. Forgiving others is something you do for yourself.
By forgiving, you free yourself from negative energy associated with memories and/or people. So learn to forgive in the New Year. You don't have to forgive and forget, nor do you have to forgive and let these people back into your life. You just need to let go of all the negativity you've been building up inside.

Say goodbye to sin
Again, only on the other side of the spectrum do you feel guilty. As you enter the New Year, make forgiving yourself your goal.
To free yourself from sin is to set yourself on the direct path to happiness.
Sin is deadly. There's no room for it. So accept what you have said or not said and done, and move on. Holding on to yesterday's shoulds, coulds and woulds will only keep your life unnecessarily negative.

Take a moment to unplug
Technology is wonderful, but it can also cast a shadow over the things that matter most. If you're the kind of person who needs a phone, or spends all of your free time watching Netflix, it's time to learn how to unplug. Now, because we live in a world awash with technology, it's not always possible to eliminate it completely. However, there are changes you can make, all of which will make you happier going forward.
So, slowly start cutting back on smartphones, tablets, streaming, social media, email, etc. For the first week, set aside 15 minutes for yourself without any technology.

Practice Yoga every day
Last but not least, eliminate negative emotions in your life by practicing yoga every day in 2022. The benefits of yoga are beyond this world, especially when combined with the intent and positive energy of mara beads. So, set daily practice tasks -- yes, even when you really don't feel like doing anything. In fact, that's the best time to practice!

Remember that being focused, happy and positive is a choice. So choose a better life in 2022.

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