1. A wise man once said: all the gains and losses in life are just a kind of phenomenon that the energy of life is transformed according to the principle of energy conservation.

2. To maintain energy, focus on how much we give, not how much we get.

3. Everyone has energy. Healthy, positive, and optimistic people have positive energy. Communicating with such people can transmit positive energy to you.

4. Human life is also a process of energy consumption. If it is not controlled artificially, this energy field of humans will only be weakened but not enhanced.

5. An optimistic, positive, and positive person is full of enthusiasm, hope, and faith.

6. Learn to feel your own value. Courage and integrity are proof. You don't need to boast or borrow others' fame. You don't need to show off your wealth, qualifications, titles, or past achievements to increase your weight.

7. Treat praise and criticism in a peaceful way, without being complacent or overreacting. Knowing that success is only the other side of failure, the only failure is not the learning experience afterward.

8. If you keep yourself in a high energy state of initiative, tolerance, wisdom, love, joy, and peace, you will naturally have a perfect state of life.

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