7 Cryptic Messages Were Found Among 108 Mala Beads
Mala beads, Mala beads, everywhere! Everyone from fashionistas to yogis wears beautiful Mala beads around their necks. But it may surprise you to learn that Mala beads are more than just a fashion trend. Among the 108 beads, they have a deeper meaning, showing the beauty that is invisible to the naked eye.

Why does the Mala beads necklace have 108 beads?
Authentic Mala bead necklaces are made of 108 beads instead of 100 or 109. Now, though, some numbers might be twice or half that number, or a variation of the number, like 18 or 27, which is fine because they're still in sync with the meaning of 108.

108 reveals the sacred text at the heart of yoga
If you study the history of yoga and eastern philosophy, you will find that the Rigveda has 108 chapters, 109 tantras, and 108 Mala. All of these texts are written in Sanskrit, a 54-letter language composed of Shiva (masculine) and feminine (Shakti) forms. Times 54 times 2, you get 108. It's ancient history.

Buddhism and Hinduism use 108 Mala beads to meditate
Traditionally, Mala was called rosary beads and was used for meditation and to repeat mantras. Repeat each time you touch a Mala bead until all 108 beads have been read. This is considered a channel for conveying intentions, goals, and desires, and is still commonly used today for the same things.

Ayurveda identifies 108 sacred places for traditional Indian medicine
Ayurveda is the term used to describe traditional medical practices in India. These are based on balancing the body with herbs, breathing, and a special diet. This practice is also consistent with the 108 sacred places found in the body, all of which are intersections between matter and consciousness. Ayurveda uses these acupuncture points in the body to awaken the soul and adjust one's energy to give them the healing they need.

The chakras connect 108 energy lines to the heart
The chakras resonate with the 108 Mala beads in the seven energies of the form. This exercise believes that there are 108 energy lines connected to the heart, each leading to the path of self-actualization.

The Vedic scriptures view 108 as the whole of the universe
The Vedas are the oldest known Indian scriptures. It contains hymns, philosophies, and instructions that have great significance on 108. Members of this tradition interpret numbers as the totality of the universe. One is the sun, zero is the moon or the essence of everything. So, the whole universe.

Mathematicians are fascinated by the possibility of 108
Mathematicians often use 108 to represent its myriad patterns and various divisions. It can be divided, multiplied, added, and subtracted in several ways, making it a mathematician's dream. 108 is to math what candy is to toddlers -- it is life.

The number 108 is usually seen in astronomy. The diameter of the sun is about 108 times the size of the earth, and the average distance between the earth and the sun is 108 times the diameter of the sun. The average distance from the Earth to the Moon is about 108 times the diameter of the Moon.

The best part is that the meaning of 108 Mala is open to interpretation. It can mean anything you want. So pick up your Mala beads today and inject this three-digit power into your lifestyle, whatever it is.

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