Wherever you look, you can see mandala tapestries. They're all over your Instagram, hanging from the walls of your favorite yoga shop and across the grass, and it seems like everyone and their mother have one -- except you.

Sure, the mandala tapestries are beautiful, but to you, they're just another yoga rug, right?


You never want a yogi to hear you say that mandala tapestries are just another yoga blanket because they're so much more than that. Here's a crash course in mandala tapestries, so you know why every yogi jumps on the mandala tapestries.

6 Yoga methods using the Mandala tapestry
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Hang mandala Decor like a Bohemian
By definition, mandala tapestry is a textile art form, closely related to painting, only in the form of weaving, weaving. Originally, tapestries were designed as wall tapestries, and although today there are many new and modern ways to use them, this is still one of the most popular ways to use mandala tapestries.

Use datura as a yoga mat or mat
Yes, the mandala tapestry is the perfect yoga mat! They'll add a splash of bright color and vibrant art to your yoga practice, while also making your next yoga pose Instagrams worthy. The only problem is that the mandala is made of soft fabric that doesn't absorb your body's weight and stress like a yoga mat does. So, you might want to leave your mandala tapestry for yoga on the beach, in a local park, or somewhere with a soft surface.

Decorate your meditation room with a tapestry bedspread
One of our favorite ways to use mandala tapestries is in your own meditation room. Your bedroom is the only place in your home you can call your own, and it should release all the energy you want.
Placing a mandala tapestry on your bed is a great way to do this. It won't really affect the bed temperature, as the mandala is thin, but it will certainly add a dose of Zen and Bohemian to your study.

Be a Bohemian yogi on the beach
If you're a barefoot beach yogi, you need a mandala tapestry. They're a million times better than towels, they add a little personality to your beach yoga poses and styles, and they're great to wear snug and cozy when the wind blows. Plus, they make the beach look super chic.

Turn your mandala tapestry into a blanket
Another good way to use a mandala tapestry is to use it as a blanket. They're super comfortable and hang perfectly over the back of your sofa, adding a variety of Bohemian yoga styles to your interior.

Use datura tapestries as curtains to set the mood
Use your datura tapestries as curtains to set the mood in your interior. They are light and light, allowing plenty of light to come in from the window sills, while also fully blocking out the darkness of the night.

So hang a mandala tapestry (hello, melancholy bubble bath) in your bedroom, office, and bathroom Windows. They are also much cheaper than regular shutters!

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