5 Stones for New Beginnings

You don’t need a new year to embrace a new beginning. Every day you wake up, you’re presented with the opportunity to make changes to improve your life, mind, body, and spirit. The best part? You don’t need an expensive therapy bill or complicated treatment either. You just need to add some natural stones into your life that will encourage and embrace new beginnings – and you guessed it, we have you covered.

Strength and Grounding for your Rebirth

As you prepare to embrace a new beginning within your life, whether you’re starting a new relationship (or ending a toxic one), getting ready to leave your parent’s home for the first time as you head off to start college, starting a new job or simply making some changes in your life, having an extra dose of grounding qualities could never hurt.

Lava Mala Bracelets provide just that. Handcrafted with lava beads, these Mala bracelets have a hefty dose of raw energy that will strengthen and ground you as you start your new journey. As a bonus, it’s considered to be a symbol of rebirth, and you just can’t go wrong with that.

Forgive and Restore to Make Way for New Beginnings

It can be difficult to embrace new beginnings when you have the past pulling on your heartstrings, which is why we love rhodonite Mala necklaces for this particular situation. Designed with rhodonite beads, these Mala necklaces will help you forgive and restore, so you can move on from the past.

Hope and Positivity for the Future

Embarking on a new beginning is about believing in the future; it’s about having hope for the days that are to come. Amazonite, “The Stone of Hope”. It’s believed to have the power to repel negative energy while also guiding you towards positivity, making it perfect for new beginnings.

Power and Protection as You Walk Your New Beginning

New beginnings can be terrifying, there’s no denying that. However, with an extra dose of protection and power, you’ll have the confidence needed to continue trekking forward. Turquoise Mala necklaces are made from turquoise stones; the oldest stone n man’s history. And if they can last a lifetime, imagine the things you can do while wearing them.

Channeling Your Inner Confidence to Conquer your Fresh Start

Speaking of confidence, you can never go wrong with having a little extra as you begin your fresh start. The dessert stone, made from agate stone, is believed to enhance one’s confidence and self-security. You can add it to any Mala beads, or you can grab all the confidence you need with The Confidence Bundle which is a collection of handpicked items that’ll give you a boost of fierce, fearless energy.

The world is in the palm of your hand… Or rather, wrapped around your wrist or hanging from your neck. Shop OasyMala today for Endless Love and Mala beads that’ll guide you through this new beginning.

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