4 Meditation Tips from oasymala
Meditation sounds intense, serious, and even a little scary. But you don't have to be a yoga expert, mentor, or spiritual leader to incorporate meditation into your lifestyle.
Here are some ways to make meditation more accessible:

Pick a time
If you are at the same time every day, meditation becomes easier. It's so much easier if it's part of everyday life and you don't have to think about it!

Find your favorite places and "tools"
Choose a place in your home that is free from chaos or stress. Find a comfy pillow or yoga and create your own meditation nook. Maybe you could start collecting some essential oils, wear your Mala beads, and surround your body with crystals to set the tone.

Be forgiving
Many people say they don't get "better" at meditating, but to be honest, there is no end result. Some days will be easier, some days more difficult. It doesn't matter!

Enjoy the process
Instead of looking at meditation with fear and dread, try to look at it with excitement and a positive attitude!

At the end of the day, meditation is a simple tool that helps you pay attention to your thoughts, calm your thoughts, and stay in the moment. A few minutes can make a huge difference when dealing with stress or anxiety.
So, you can sit in bed, lie on the floor or go to a local meditation studio. Your meditation time is just your time to be yourself.

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