It's time to get out of your closet, yogis, and fashionistas. You can do things with Mala beads that you probably never thought of before. So embrace yourself. You will be very happy.

Give a gift
It's not fair to keep all the good vibes for yourself. So gift Mala beads to your loved ones. It's a great way to give a gift, and it means more than a simple piece of jewelry.
So make sure the recipient understands what their Mala Beads can do for them. Here are some gift-giving tips:

Best friends are going through a breakup
Bring peace to an upset or emotional mind by giving Mala necklace
The sisters prepare for the exam
Give a volcanic lava stone to channel physical and mental powers
Mothers with symptoms of panic attacks, exhaustion, or depression
Gift Mala necklaces to guide healing and health of the body
Boyfriend feels unbalanced
Give the necklace to channel the Yin and Yang energies
Fresh out of college and not sure what to do
Give yourself a white Mala necklace to eliminate distractions
No matter what the occasion, celebration, trauma, or situation, you can offer solutions. They're called rosaries for a reason -- they answer prayers, desires, intentions, wishes, dreams -- you name it.

Empowering women around the world
You read that right! With the Mala beads, you can empower women and give back to great causes. Twenty percent of the proceeds will support women around the world to pursue their dreams. These funds are used to enrich the lives of women entrepreneurs, which will also lead to great good karma for you.

Get what you want
In the end, you can get what you want! Whether it's a new promotion, a new job, strength or clarity, or a new relationship, a Mala bead can help you get it. Just put your Mala necklace on your yoga mat or on your right hand. Before you know it, you'll have what you want. At the very least, you'll get closer to it. Here are some things you can do with Mala beads:

Channeling physical, emotional, or spiritual forces
Eliminate anxiety
Reduce emotional discomfort
Navigate in challenging situations
Remain modest
Increased emotional stability
Increased security and protection
Channel your inner confidence
Establish a practical view
Increases happiness and positivity
Good luck
Looking for successful
Be more creative
Find true love
Treat fatigue, depression, or panic attacks
Find balance and peace
These are just a few of them. So, needless to say, it's time for a shopping spree!

Strengthen meditation practice
Malas are most commonly used in meditation because they help narrow down your true intentions. Therefore, incorporating them into your pranayama or mantra exercises can actually increase your concentration and bring more intent. Just use the rosary as a breath and/or mantra cue and do not stop until you reach your guru rosary.

Don't mistake pearls for fashion. Beauty is much more than that, and these are just some of the licensed things you can do with your new Mala beads.

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