3 Benefits of Meditation - OasyMala

1. It makes you feel the joy of being engaged

We often talk about finding a job we love, but how many people actually love what they're doing?
There are so many jobs in the world, and only a few decades in a lifetime. If we have to experience every kind of work to know what we like, we may not be able to find a job we like when we are old.
Then we should change the concept, not to find, but to create.
Think about it, when we were 5 years old, facing a pile of sand, can be happy to find the north;
At the age of 15, a computer game can make us forget to eat and sleep for days.
I forgot my dad's belt yesterday, and I couldn't remember my homework due tomorrow.
The joy of being fully present in the present moment is called flow.

2. Stop infighting

The only difference between you and a psychopath on the side of the road is that he speaks the voice in his head.
There is a voice in everyone's head all the time to talk, such as when you are taking an exam, it will sing all the lyrics you know, when you want to sleep, he can tell you all the troubles of the day one by one.
How good the plan is in the mind, how fast the reality hits the face. What you do is never the same as what you want. If you can't turn off the voice in your head, what you are left with is a tired body.

3. Have everlasting happiness

One of the things that struck me recently was that we have to have the courage to make it happen.
Many people worry about things, people do things on thin ice, encounter unexpected things, and emotional breakdowns will be instantaneous. This caution makes me tired every day.
The practice of meditation, however, requires us to be able to jump out and see things as trains go by in front of us and you standing there watching and not getting on.
We can do an experiment, when you cry, go to look in the mirror, you will find that you can not cry, because when you cry, you are immersed in the feeling of sadness, while when you look in the mirror, you see the whole thing "you are crying", it will become rational and stable.

Hope we can live up to our youth on the way to becoming better.

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