In this society, we will always encounter all kinds of pressure, including pressure in work and dissatisfaction in life. If we can't relieve these pressures well, it will bring a lot of adverse effects to our life. Everyone in our life will have pressure. It's normal to have pressure. With the help of effective methods, and pressure can be relieved. Next, let's share some ways to release pressure.

1. Breathing decompression method
When faced with pressure, you can reduce pressure through effective breathing. The time interval between breathing and breathing is 4:1. Inhale for 4 seconds, and then exhale slowly for 16 seconds.

2. Rest and decompression
Lack of enough rest often aggravates the pressure on the body, so in this case, we must find a way to let ourselves have a good rest, it is best to do nothing, first go to good sleep.

3. Diet decompression
In the process of eating, it is also a good way to relieve the pressure by stimulating the food and satisfying the appetite, so we should enjoy a good meal.

4. Exercise decompression
Exercise is the best way to relieve pressure. You can choose one of your favorite sports, running, playing ball, swimming, mainly sweating.

5. Music decompression
You can also relieve the pressure by listening to music. Listen to some soft music. With the light melody, the irritable mood will slow down and the pressure will gradually weaken.

6. Travel decompression
Take a walk outside to relax. However, it should be noted that when you travel, don't always worry about the things that make you feel more stressed. Otherwise, the effect of travel is not very good.

7. Pour out and decompress
When everyone has pressure, the most important thing is to get the support of the people around him, which is also very helpful to release the burden and pressure.

8. Drink and decompress
You can make an appointment with a few friends or have a good drink by yourself. It's also a way to relieve the pressure. Although you can't get rid of a thousand worries after getting drunk, it's helpful to relieve the pressure by temporarily venting yourself and venting.

9. Game decompression
Playing games can be a good way to pass the time, but also a good way to relieve the pressure. When playing games, you don't have to think about anything. Just thinking about the game will release the pressure temporarily.

10. Vent and decompress
Find an open place to vent by shouting. You can also vent by shopping crazily and cracking down on fake people. As long as you vent your bad emotions, you can.

11. Decompression
Choose a time to do housework at home is also a good way to relieve the pressure, through the hands and feet constantly busy, but also let oneself constantly release the pressure on the body.

12. Active decompression
A lot of pressure comes from passivity. Due to the lack of long-term planning and thinking, it is easy to bear the passive pressure, so we must develop an active character. When you take the initiative to do everything, the pressure is not so great.

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