11 Powerful Ways to Dispel Negative Energy From Your Life and Spirit
Let’s free your spirit and get rid of the bad energy associated with, not only today but also, within your entire life.

Start with your Mind
The first step to eliminating negativity and re-aligning your chakras is to free your mind of bad vibes and negative thoughts. This is often easier said than done, so it will take some time and it won’t happen overnight but it can start happening right now.

The key is to use Mala beads designed specifically to eliminate negative energy. Our 108 beads Malas are definitely one of our favorites for doing just how to get rid of negative energy, and how to dispel negative energy.

Meditate with Mantras
Now, you can stop here if you want but we certainly encourage you to keep going and head onto meditation and mantras. We have a list of powerful mantras you can use during your meditation and with your Mala beads to help dispel the negative energy of the time and from your entire life as a whole. All you have to do is lay down your colorful bohemian tapestry, get comfortable and relax your mind.

Brush it Off
Literally, brush it off. Channel your inner Jay Z and go on and “get that dirt off your shoulder…. You can go and brush your shoulder off.” Okay, you don’t have to be like Jay Z to cleanse your spirit of negative energy but who wouldn’t want to channel their inner female Jay Z?

Jokes aside, brushing yourself off is an excellent way to dispel negative energy.

Use your hands to diagonally brush across your body from your fingertips down to your legs, down your arms, torso, back – everywhere. Then, you can channel your inner T-Swift and “shake it off, just shake it off.” Okay, too much?

Laugh More
Yes, getting rid of negative energy is as easy as laughing more. Fake it if you have to… Or turn on a movie with Jim Carey or James Franco and the laughter will flow freely. Whatever you do, just laugh. Ha. Ha. Ho. Ho. He He. Let that laughter roar to lighten your mood and your chakras.

Take a Bath with Epsom Salts
Take a bath? We don’t have to tell you twice! Just don’t forget to add some Epsom salts into your bath as they’re excellent for dispelling negative energy and toxins. Plus, the scent is always a nice addition.

However, keep in mind that not all Epsom salts are created equally. Be sure to use the natural stuff – ones not overridden with chemicals. Himalayan salt is a great addition to a negativity-cleansing bath.

The Feng Shui Secret
Speaking of Himalayan salt, don’t use it all up in your bath, no matter how tempting that may be. Instead, keep a couple of scoops and separate the salt into tiny bowls. Place them in the Northeast and Southwest corners of your home and the salt will help balance the chi in your home. This Feng Shui practice is a classic.

Add Some Drops into your Diffuser
We’re big fans of essential oils, especially during our yoga practice. Did you know you can use them to clean your yoga mat as well? Say goodbye to toxic chemicals covering your yoga mat.

Better yet, they’re just as good at cleaning your spirit as they are cleaning your yoga space. Simply drop some essential oils in a diffuser and enjoy. Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Patchouli, and Sweet Marjoram are some of our favorites.

Open Windows
No matter how tempting it is to hoard yourself inside with all the windows closed, try to do the complete opposite. Open your windows; let that energy glow and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Doing so will help dispel negative energy while also freshening up your living space.

Add Some Fresh Plants To Your Home
Similar to the prior, adding fresh plants into your living space will help soak up toxic energy within your home. It brings the positive, revitalizing energies from how to get rid of negative energy, how to dispel negative energy, Mala beads, prayer beads, negativity, meditation, yoga, bohemian tapestry the outdoors inside, allowing you to relish the benefits in the comfort of your own home.

Tune in to some Tunes
Music is one of the best ways to dispel negative energy as the vibration breaks up the bad vibes in the air. So, whether you play an instrument yourself or prefer to blast some Biebs or Top 40 Hits, get those vibrations blasting through your space to re-tune your spirit and chakras.

You Are the Company You Keep
Inarguably, the most crucial step to dispelling negative energy is to eliminate the negative people in your life. As the old saying goes, “You are the company you keep,” and what this means is, that if you surround yourself with toxic people, you too will also be or feel the negative effects. You simply can’t wish for positivity while surrounding yourself with the exact opposite. Life just doesn’t work like that. So, avoid negative people even if it means eliminating certain people from your life or at the very least, keeping them at a distance.

So, grab your 108 Mala beads at OasyMala today, lay down a colorful tapestry, and meditate in your new space, infused with plants, fresh air, essential oils, music, and good vibes!

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