10 Reasons to Meditate
Pick up your Bohemian tapestries, essential oils, and Mala beads, because after reading this article, you'll be mesmerized by meditation! While there are countless reasons to meditate, we decided to focus on the benefits of meditation, which are backed up by scientific evidence.

Ditch the Depression
Say goodbye to depression. Well, meditation may not eliminate or cure depression, but it has been shown to ease symptoms and lessen the effects of this mental illness on your mind, body, and spirit. How long should you meditate? Studies show that you can reap the benefits of meditating for just 30 minutes a day.

Reduce anxiety
When it comes to mental illness, we can't forget to mention the surprising benefits of meditation on depression's evil sister, anxiety. Research shows that when you meditate, you have more control over your brain processes, which helps eliminate symptoms of anxiety. In fact, another study showed that meditation can reduce anxiety by nearly 40 percent.
If you have nothing to do with anxiety, the benefits of meditation can extend to relieving stress. All you need is 25 minutes of mindfulness meditation at least three times a week so you don't feel so stressed or anxious.

Be a better person
Not sure how meditation changes who you are? Well, you'll find the answer to this question if you start doing it regularly. Studies have shown that people who meditate experience more laughter and empathy.

Reduce the headache
We're not sure there's anything worse than a severe headache, but we're sure meditation can help reduce headaches or at least ease symptoms. Studies have shown that people who meditate pay more attention to negative feelings, such as headaches, which reduces the blocking effect of meditation. Meditation can also relieve tension headaches without medication.

Strengthen your immune system
While we're almost past cold and flu season, you never have much of a line of defense when it comes to preventing them. That's what meditation does. Several studies have shown that people who meditate regularly have lower rates of respiratory problems.

Improve your memory
Don't know what day of the week it is, or worse, forget your boyfriend's birthday? You need some meditation in your life, girl. Improving your focus, consciously relaxing your mind, body, and spirit will eliminate distracting thoughts every week while improving your memory -- a combination you can't beat.

Improve heart Health
No, we're not talking about recovering from a broken heart (though, meditation can also be helpful, especially when combined with the 108 Mala. Instead, we're talking about the ability to reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease. Yes, you guessed it! Meditation.

Get better sleep
When you meditate, you relieve stress, depression, anxiety, negative thoughts, and distractions. So, there must be better rest at night. However, the benefits of meditation go far beyond getting a good night's sleep every now and then. In fact, some studies have shown that meditation can even help treat insomnia.

Increase creativity
If you're looking for a creative spark, grab your Mala beads and meditation music. The 108 Mala is known for boosting creativity, and meditation suggests that people who meditate are better at coming up with new, innovative solutions. Goodbye, writer's block!

Keep the gold, Ponyboy
Who needs to run for hours on a treadmill to reap the benefits of exercise? Not only does it sound painful and sweaty, but it also looks super boring. Instead, let's meditate, because that's where the benefits of being young are. In fact, one study showed that daily meditation and the use of certain beads can reduce brain aging. I'm pretty sure that's not what outsiders mean by "stay golden," but we're going to keep going anyway.

That's just part of it! We could be here all day and all night to reveal the benefits of meditation that are supported by meditation, but that just means you'll have to wait longer to start taking advantage of them.
Instead, use these top 10 meditation benefits as inspiration to grab 108 Mala beads so you can start meditating right away.

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