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It can be difficult to find inner peace in a space that simply doesn’t feel peaceful. Your surroundings and the energy within it play a huge role in how you feel mentally. Just think about all the things you felt great, only to walk into a home that is in dire need of some cleaning. Chances are your good vibes quickly subsided. So, let’s clean up the space and your mind by creating your very own zen den. Here are some awesome zen design tips to get you started.

Add in Warmth with Scented Aromas
What good is a zen den if it doesn’t smell delicious, amirite? So, add in some scented candles, preferably ones that promote relaxation, such as lavender or sandalwood, into your home. This little zen design tip is an easy – and excellent way to get an extra dose of aromatherapy and warmth in your space.

Decorate With Nature’s Beauty
Gemstones, geodes, slates, oh my! The world has so much to offer when it comes to home décor. Gemstones are an excellent option because they’re believed to have extra healing capabilities, similar to Mala beads. So, it’s a two-for-one deal!

Add in Grounding Elements with Wood Accents
Nature’s beauty doesn’t end at the natural stones. Add in some natural wood accents to create an earthy ambiance that can truly feel like you’re exploring the great outdoors. This is also a huge interior design trend right now. So, you just can’t go wrong.

Bring in the Comfy Elements with Plush Pillows and Soft Blankets
A house is only a home when it’s comfy. So, make sure to add in soft, plush textures that you can curl up in to binge-watch the latest Netflix series.

Purify the Air With Fresh Succulents
Fresh flowers are great and they add a nice floral aroma into your home, but they die fairly quickly and can break the bank even faster if you replace them regularly. So, cash in on some savings while still reaping the air-purifying benefits by trading in your fresh flowers for some succulents. They’re super low-maintenance yet add in all freshness you're looking for.

Welcome Yourself With a Smile
Speaking of keeping the space clean, add a welcome mat into your home that greets you with a funny saying every day. This little zen design tip is certain to put a smile on your face, each and every day. The key is to find one that truly speaks to your soul, or rather, funny bone.

Paint a Palette That Makes You Feel Good
Not feeling the colors on your walls? Change them!

Despite painting a room rarely being a task people look forward to, it has the power to completely transform the space – and with the right palette, you can transform it into whatever you want. So, trade in those white walls for a splash of vibrant yellow; eliminate the dark hues for energetic oranges, or trade-in the dull tones for cool, breezing blue hues.

Hang a Bohemian Tapestry for Humbling Elements
Alright, alright, so you really don't feel like painting. We don't blame you. The good news is that you can still give your zen den a quick pick-me-up, and one that is super boho chic and totally effortless by hanging some tapestries!

Dim the Lights and Set the Mood
With smart lighting technology, setting the mood within your home has never been easier. All you need is a smart LED bulb and an app on your smartphone, and you can have the aura you desire in seconds.

Declutter Your Mind Space with Smart Storage
Even the most calming, beautiful spaces can quickly be taken over by clutter. There have even been studies that have linked hectic spaces to causing a hectic mindset. So, get rid of the items you don’t need – yes, even in your closet, and for all the things leftover, hide them in smart storage options.

Now that you have your zen den ready, it’s time to put it to good use! Head on over to OasyMala to get mindful jewelry that coincides with your new mindful interior.

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