10 ways to increase courage

If you've ever seen the wizard of Oz, maybe you still have an impression of the timid lion. In the movie, the Timid Lion accompanies Dorothy all the way through the jungle and yellow brick road. He was also one of several characters Dorothy met on her journey.
Each of Dorothy's friends, though rich in spirit, lacking something specific in the material. For example, the tin man lacks a heart. He's quite smart and strong, but he doesn't have the ability to feel and express love. The scarecrow lacks ahead. Timid lions have hearts and heads, but they lack the courage to live.
What is courage and why is it so important? I still remember the scarecrow in the film is kind and considerate, but afraid of everything. Fear prevented him from sticking to his beliefs, and all he wanted was a little courage. Courage is a person's ability to be brave and fearless. Courage can make people fight for what they believe in. It is a kind of private wealth that can make people struggle tenaciously in adversity and easily in frustration.
Like a timid lion, man is not born with courage. Courage is not an innate capital, on the contrary, everyone can gradually get it through the acquired potential. So how to be braver? Here are ten simple ways to boost your courage immediately.

Be honest with your fears
The first step to becoming braver is to admit the fact that you lack courage. You can't begin to build courage unless you realize and admit it.
To be braver, you have to be honest with your fears. It means you have to be honest with yourself as well as with people close to you. When you're honest with yourself, it's important to face the facts. What do you fear most? Why are you afraid of this special thing, person, or thing? What can you do to overcome this fear? Learn to deal with fear on your own. Face them and accept their existence. Once you accept your fears, you can find ways to overcome them.
It's also important to talk to others about your fears. Let them know where you are and how you feel. Be honest with them and let them know you've faced fear, but you need some extra help in building up the courage you need to deal with fear in a positive way. Sometimes, just a little communication can improve your ability and make you a stronger and braver person.

Learn to be vulnerable
In many cases, modern society thinks that vulnerability is a bad thing. But in fact, vulnerability is not a bad thing at all. On the contrary, it can make us grow. When you expose yourself to all the things in the world that may hurt you, you give yourself the power to learn, grow and be strong.
Vulnerability is a state of being exposed to emotional, social, psychological, or physical harm. In this case, there are many ways to hurt. When you don't want to expose yourself to any adverse situation, vulnerability is an important trait in the process of becoming a more comprehensive and brave person.
People often stand up to prevent themselves from being hurt. They see vulnerability as a sign of weakness and try to protect themselves from harm. It is very necessary to learn to be vulnerable in the cultivation of quality. Making yourself vulnerable is one of the best ways to learn and grow. In the face of failure, after experiencing fear, injury, disappointment, and rise, you will grow into a braver person.

Face your fear
Have you ever admired or admired people you think are successful? They may have a happy family, a successful career, or for you, they have all the good things.
But it's possible that the person you admire the most has something to fear. It's also possible that he has learned how to face fear and use it to motivate his strengths to achieve admirable personal and professional success.
Everyone has fear, but not everyone knows how to face it. If you want to be braver, it is very important to face your deepest fear. Admitting that you are afraid and learning to deal with emotions are the keys to more courage.
You may be thinking it's easier to say than to do, right? It's not hard to face fear. One of the best ways is to slow down. Think about what you're afraid of and confront yourself with emotions associated with this particular event, behavior, or activity. Sometimes it helps to talk about your fears with others or write them down. It's the same with positive thinking. Most of the time, fear is just a kind of fantasy. It's a false image that we make up in our brain because of the influence of something. At this time, positive thinking can help suppress these negative emotions.
No matter how you choose, facing fear is the key to becoming stronger and braver.

Out of your comfort zone
Another way to be braver is to get out of your comfort zone. The Comfort zone is the most comfortable place for you. It is the middle station on your way. There may be daily activities that make you feel relaxed and comfortable.
For example, there is such a way of life, every morning to get up for breakfast, and then go to the gym to run for an hour, go home to take a bath and drink a cup of coffee, and then prepare to go work. Most people are also diligent in cleaning in their daily life. These daily activities are familiar and comfortable. Once most people leave their comfort zone, life becomes very difficult for them. But going to the unknown is also a great way to learn new things, cultivate new qualities and find new opportunities.
So to be more courageous, you have to look for opportunities to get out of your comfort zone. At first, you will be very timid, but slowly you will find a lot of opportunities. According to the survey, people who walk out of the comfort zone will become more effective, more satisfied, and more able to adapt to the ups and downs of life. But it's not easy to get out of the comfort zone. The ideal situation is to cultivate this kind of consciousness from an early age. But by trying new things, looking for new challenges, and other methods, there is no doubt that you will become more powerful, resourceful, and brave.

Maintain an objective position
Just like walking out of the comfort zone, it's important to keep an objective stance. In some bad situations, taking a step back and reexamining the whole situation can help you curb irrational thoughts and emotions.
As far as a speech is concerned, suppose you are very afraid of speaking in public. Every time you stand on the stage, you will be so nervous that you can't speak, panic and anxiety in your heart, stiffness in your body, temperature surge, and even sweat. When you start stuttering as you prepare for your speech, you may feel ashamed that everyone is watching you and judging you silently.
The picture in your mind is often worse than the reality. Even if you are a little nervous in front of the crowd, what will they do? What's the worst thing that can happen? Maybe they're going to kick you out. Even so, what's the point? At most, you feel a little embarrassed. In the end, you will grow up.
Being brave is nothing more than taking risks and facing fear. In the speech, you can take a step back and re-examine the whole situation to suppress the negative thoughts that sprout in your mind. Speech is not as terrible as you think. After more practical and rational thinking, you will gradually overcome your fear.

It is often said that knowledge is power. I have to say that this statement is often quite correct. When you try to understand something, it's easier to deal with the subject you're focusing on. When you feel relaxed, you gradually become more confident, and confidence is the key factor to become a brave person.
Think about what you fear most and why you fear them? Take public speaking as an example. There are many people in the world who don't like to speak in public. In fact, they hate to speak in front of a large audience. When standing in front of a group of people, they are often nervous and afraid of bad performance. Their brains suddenly feel uneasy, difficult to think rationally, illogical views seriously damaged the normal operation of the nervous system.
However, public speaking has nothing to fear. Brave people take this opportunity to overcome what they fear. The reason why excellent speakers are excellent is not that they have extraordinary courage, but because they have mastered the skills of speech and can use them freely. Taking the time to understand and learn what you fear the most will help you build confidence and then make you a more courageous and adaptable person.

Learn to bounce back after failure
If you want to be a brave person, it is not enough to be able to face up to difficulties. It's a really important quality, and it's also important for you to realize that you often encounter setbacks. You bravely accept the difficult challenge and end up in failure. But failure doesn't mean you should give up. You should learn to accept failure and pick up after a failure.
For example, you are afraid of heights. Maybe now you need to stand on a very high ladder. You are afraid, but you have overcome the fear. However, in the process of climbing the ladder, you fall to the ground. One of your attempts ended in failure, and you vowed never to climb a ladder again.
The biggest mistake you make is that you try once, fail, and then give up. People turn away opportunities because they are afraid of failure after failure. To be brave, you need to face fear and accept failure. Everyone has something to fear, everyone has failed. Failure is a normal thing. Every failure is an opportunity to learn and grow.
Even if you fall while climbing a ladder, you should realize why you fell and try again. Just because you fall once doesn't mean you fall every time. It doesn't mean you are a failure from head to toe, because it's just a small setback. Learn to analyze, learn to try, the more times you try, the more difficulties you overcome, and you will become more confident and brave.

Learn self-discipline
When it comes to courage, self-discipline is very important. In the face of fear, you will hesitate to make room for yourself.
When it comes to self-discipline, you need to know what you want to achieve. What is your goal? Do you want to speak more confidently in public? Do you want to overcome the fear of heights? Do you want to be less afraid of opportunities? Are you looking for new opportunities? If you want to get out of your comfort zone, get more opportunities and become a braver person, then you need self-discipline.
Self-discipline can not only help you understand your goals but also help you achieve them. If you want to build up your confidence and become a warrior, you will hesitate and then meet the baptism of failure. You may also get into trouble and hear opposition. When it comes to bravery, you should learn to stick to your point of view, meet setbacks in time, and move on. Self-discipline keeps you from going astray on the way to your goals and makes you a more courageous individual.

Looking for brave companions
One of the easiest ways to gain self-confidence is to get along with brave people! In other words, birds of a feather flock together. The longer you spend with others, the more like your character will become. You unconsciously have similar personality characteristics and cultivate similar interests. If you want to be braver, stay with brave people. They are full of courage. Is there any better way?
It's easier to learn from brave people by associating with them. You can learn from them and follow their example. You can observe how they enrich their daily life and try to keep up with them.
In addition to dealing with brave people, you should stick to what you think is right with the support of your partners. Even if the people around you are not the bravest, numerical advantage has great power. When you have some backup, you are stronger than fighting alone.

Positive and optimistic
To be a brave person, there are many important ways - to find brave companions, accumulate knowledge, self-discipline in their own way, maintain objectivity and justice, and recover after failure. But at the same time, courage is also closely related to maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude. When it comes to accumulating courage, don't underestimate the power of a positive attitude.
Let's talk about public speaking. Public speaking is a great example because a lot of people are scared. It's not easy to make a loud announcement in front of people. In fact, public speaking is not as bad as most people think. Most people fear rejection or embarrassment, not public speaking itself.
Usually, when a person stands on the platform in front of others, he will start to have some negative thoughts. "What if I forget what I should say? "Or" I know they will judge me according to what I think, what I wear, what I believe. ". These negative thoughts are harmful and destructive. They will make one pay more attention to these thoughts and ignore the positive ones.
By contrast, focusing on positive thoughts can banish negative thoughts and eliminate irrational fears, which will help you gradually become a stronger and braver person.

The timid lion is indeed a kind and considerate character in the wizard of Oz, but unfortunately, it lacks the courage to live. When he was with Dorothy, he was always afraid to make decisions, to do what he wanted to do, to have a good and full life.
Courage is a highly praiseworthy personal quality. It is the ability to come and go freely in the things people fear. It is a synonym for courage and a quality that many people want to have.
Not everyone is born with great courage. In fact, there are many people who don't have the courage to overcome their fears. But even so, they can still make themselves brave.
So, how to cultivate courage? To develop courage, you need to step out of your comfort zone. Trying new things and working with brave people are great ways to cultivate this quality slowly.
In addition, education is the key. If there's anything that scares you, learn. Take the time to understand and study problems, and discard unreasonable ideas. Don't let them occupy your brain and kill your opportunities.
Learning to face your fear and accept the reality you are afraid of is just one step to cultivate courage. Learning to pick up after failure is another important step. When you get the chance to get out of your comfort zone, you need to remember that courage is not something you can get overnight, but something you need to work hard all your life, and every step you take is worth it

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